Cariocas love to socialize – at happy hours, at the beach or simply by walking in the street

Life in Rio de Janeiro is very much like life in any other major city in the world. There are only a few behaviors that are particular to this city. Cleanliness is very important to a Carioca. They usually brush their teeth several times a day and shower or bathe at least twice a day. Their heaviest meal is at lunch and when they are at home the television is always on. A lot of people enjoy happy hours after a hard day of work, cariocas love to socialize and are known for being happy laid back people. Being a beach city, it is only fair that when cariocas are not at work and the sun is shining they head to the beach.

Exercising during the day in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Most Cariocas get up quite early in the morning. Breakfast is not very heavy. It usually consists of fruit, coffee, bread and cheese, cereal or “vitamina”. Vitamina is a shake mixed in a processor that contains fruit, milk or water. Usually the television is on during breakfast to catch up on the news. Many people will go work out and then go home, shower and head to work.


Usually lunch break lasts 1 hour from noon until 1 pm. Lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day with a lot of meat, starch and a few vegetables. With the exception of those who have late hours, most workers leave their jobs sometime between 5 pm and 7 pm.


As soon as a Carioca gets home they take a shower or bath and change into a T-shirt and shorts. Dinner is a very light meal usually consisting of tapas or appetizers. The TV goes on almost immediately so they can enjoy their soap operas or “novelas”. Younger professionals might visit a friend’s house for a party or go out to the nightclubs or movies.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays is very common for a carioca to get together with their work colleagues for a cold draft beer in bars near their work places before going home.

Life’s Philosophy

Cariocas believe in working hard and playing harder. It is much more important to enjoy the moment rather than sacrifice fun to save for retirement. Cariocas love sports, especially soccer, footvolley and working out. On weekends the beaches are usually filled with games of all kinds. There are even spots along the beach where locals can go to pump iron. The atmosphere is always upbeat and light-hearted even at work.

The city that holds so many natural beauties set the mood for cariocas to live a healthy lifestyle. You will constantly see cariocas walking, exercising and making sure that they are fit enough for the swimwear for summer, actually not only summer, as Rio has beautiful weather all year long.