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Scala Rio kicks off on Thursday with a different ball every night. The Gay Masked Ball closes Rio Carnival on Fat Tuesday.
Scala, one of Rio’s most popular clubs, promotes some of the best Carnival balls during the festival. Each night there are different themes, including the most popular televised event, the Gay Costume Ball on Carnival Tuesday. In true Carnival style, these events feature live music where samba rules the dance floor.

2017 Scala Balls Schedule

Friday, February 24, 2017 Red and Black Ball Buy Tickets
Saturday, February 25, 2017 Mangueira Carnival Ball Buy Tickets
Sunday, February 26, 2017 City Ball Buy Tickets
Monday, February 27, 2017 The Ball of the Beer Buy Tickets
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Gay Gala Ball Buy Tickets
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Important Note about the New Venue for Scala Rio Balls:

Formerly in Leblon, is now presenting its series of balls at its new location in Downtown Rio centro. The new Scala Rio is located very close to the Municipal Theater in Cinelandia. You can’t miss it. If you want to reach it by subway, the right station is Cinelandia. From there, it will be a 100 mts walk or less! it’s wise to take the subway to go Downtown Rio during carnival. With the chaos created by the many blocos and bands along the way, the subway works 24/7 to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Mangueira Carnival Ball

The Carnival kicks off at the Scala on Thursday with the most well-known samba school, Mangueira, treating guests with the most exhilarating performances of samba music and dance. The school’s bateria or drummer group, its most vivacious samba dancers, including the flag bearer and her escort are all part of the event that lasts well into the wee hours of the next morning. You can reserve a table for 4 for around US$ 500, or choose to entertain yourself from a VIP box seat for around US$ 280 per head. Standing tickets are a mere US$ 88 per head. Spend the night dancing or enjoy and watch the crowd. Either way you will find this the right way to begin the Carnival holidays. Being at a ball with the drummers of the famous Mangueira samba school will be one of the most incredible experiences you will have in your life. The drums infuse the ballroom with an energy and excitement found at no other ball. Everyone is dancing along to the beat of the drums. Mangueira is considered one of the traditional samba schools in Brazil and it is a great honor to attend this ball. Do not worry if you can’t dance the Samba, there will be plenty of locals willing to teach you and you will have a “ball” learning.

Red and Black Ball

Carnival Friday is a day that Scala dedicates to Rio’s favorite football team, Flamengo, represented by a red and black striped flag. A trip to the Scala on this night will give you a chance to mingle with some of the most famous faces from Rio. Besides, a strong media presence including television cameras are always around to capture the best moments of the night. Watching a swarm of red and black bodies dancing close and moving rhythmically to the hypnotic samba beats can be truly mesmerizing.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t good at the samba. There are plenty of professional girls on stage in their incredibly skimpy costumes to back you up complete with feather headdresses. Besides, they keep the crowd growing wild, a contagious atmosphere that doesn’t take time to spread on the dance floor. Drinks are provided on a token system, so you need to buy them before you get to the bar. The party rolls on until 6 am so you better make sure you save all your energy for a couple of days before the party. In Rio, that’s a difficult thing to do. This is the perfect ball for singles. One of the favored pastimes of the Cariocas is flirting and there are plenty of Cariocas here to keep the flirting going all night. Tickets are around US$ 470 for a table of 4 and US$ 60 for a VIP box seat.

Gay Costume Ball

This is one of Scala’s most famous balls on Carnival Tuesday that is one of the most widely broadcasted events apart from the Samba Parade at the Sambadrome. Drag queens, gays, lesbians, and other alternative lifestyles gather at the Scala to show off some of the wild and wackiest costumes at the Carnival. Gay or straight, everyone is out to have a good time at the costume ball. The competition for the best dressed heats up as an exotic collection of flamboyant characters takes to the two floors of the club. You don’t have to be gay to enjoy this night at the Scala. Entrance is US$ 358 per ticket for a VIP box seat, US$ 598 per table of 4, and US$ 148 for a standing ticket. You do not have to be gay to attend this ball. It is one of the most famous in Rio and everyone is welcome. If you wish to attend anonymously then be sure to wear a costume.

Other interesting balls at the Scala include the City Ball in honor of the city of Rio, another event that attracts many cariocas. The Ball of the ‘Beer’ on Carnival Monday is open to all for a night of unlimited free beer and live Carnival music.

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