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Hippie Fair

A group of hippies started a Sunday market in Ipanema in 1968 and the traditional fair continues with over 700 stalls set up at the Feira Hippie de Ipanema. This is a great place to find authentic Brazilian folk and contemporary art, jewelry, clothing and lots of food. Plenty of tourists flock to the fair that is extremely popular today.

If you are looking for souvenirs then the fair is the best place to find a good bargain. Ceramic figurines, embroidery, lace, gemstones – are a few examples of the great folk arts and crafts you will find at the Hippie Fair. Come rain or sun shine, the fair must go on every Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Grab a Good Bargain

You will find plenty of local people at the fair, which is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. The best thing is that most merchants selling their ware are open to bargaining so you can end up with a number of fairly-priced art pieces for yourself. The general rule is to bargain for 2/3rd of the asking price.

The idea is to have some fun and knowing the Brazilians, you can expect to have a friendly chat with each vendor, even though most speak only a little English.

Wet Your Appetite at the Fair

Apart from arts and crafts there are a few Bahia food stalls that sell traditional dishes including bacalhau, a codfish omelet and plenty of sweet dishes such as coconut candy. The Flower Power generation was used to wearing sandals and you will find handmade leather sandals at an affordable price.

Finding your way to the Hippie Fair

The Hippie Fair is held every Sunday at Praça General Osório, a square that takes up an entire city block that is bordered by Rua Prudente de Morais and Rua Visconde de Pirajá. The fair has evolved into a major arts and craft market with several of the city’s artisans highlighting their works. Forget about the hassles of sticking to a budget when shopping at the fair.

Chances are you will end up buying much more than you expected and still have a good deal of money left over for a few Caipirinhas and batidas.

Carioca's Tips

Don't leave the fair without trying the Acarajé. It is a croquette, fried in Dendê (Palm) oil, filled with spicy shrimp. The Hippie Fair is a great place to find bikinis. They are made in severeal models and colors and it's a great way to dress like a native or just have it as souvenirs.