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About the Rio Carnival Costumes

The key element of the Rio Carnival Parade

The most significant element of the Rio Carnival is without doubt the elaborate costumes that are painstakingly handmade. The carnival is all about dressing up, and it doesn’t matter how under-dressed or overdressed you are. Total nudity is not allowed at the Carnival (although nearly naked Samba dancers are on display during the parades), and one needs to be thankful for that, or else the lavish costumes worn by some of the best samba dancers in the world would be non-existent.

The costumes are one of the key elements of the parades. They are designed to reflect the theme of the school and their elaborate beauty amazes and delights the audience.

If you want to parade with the Samba Schools at the main Sambadrome, Your costume is your ticket to the parade. 

For those who wish to parade, we recommend contacting our main supplier directly through WhatsApp Jorge or Tainá. Remember that Carnival Costumes for Rio parades are made to order. Have Fun!

Costumes – Enjoying the True Spirit of the Carnival

Costumes are designed according to the theme that the samba school presents at the parade. The school is divided into several ‘alas’ or wings, with each wing having to wear a costume specific to their role. Each school is responsible for the manufacture and design of their own costumes.

For outsiders, taking part in the carnival samba parade can be an unforgettable experience. Cariocas are known to be warm and welcoming people and visitors are welcome to join a samba school for their parade and enjoy the true spirit of the Carnival.

wings of the samba school parading down the avenue - Rio Carnival
Paraíso do Tuiuti - Ismar Ingber | Riotur

Ground Wing Costumes

To live all the emotion and excitement what you need is a costume with which you can sing and dance to the rhythms of the samba like a true native right down the Sambadrome. To parade as part of an ‘ala’ or wing, your samba school will provide you with a ground carnival costume. Each wing portrays a different part of the theme and wear costumes specific to their role.

Mocidade wing costumes - Rio Carnival
Mocidade - Marcos TerraNova | Riotur

Joining the ground wing can be quite exciting. You can feel the energy of the dancers and the excitement of the audience. Thanks to the television cameras you are being watched all over the world and the 80,000 spectators are cheering you on, infused with your own energy as you dance on past. It is one of the most amazing experiences you will have in your life.

Float Carnival Costumes

Plenty of planning and design goes into the production of floats for the Carnival. The floats being one of the biggest attractions at the parade, the costumes too are intricately designed. Participants are required to learn the samba song too. Only visitors who are serious about parading in the float are considered by the samba schools since they are concerned about losing points if participants fail to turn up for the parade.

Float carnival costumes - Rio Carnival
Império Serrano - Alex Ferro | Riotur

The color of the costumes largely depends on the colors of the samba school. Being selected to ride on a float is a great honor and a huge responsibility. You will be a main focus of the judges and your performance will either gain or lose your school points in the competition.

Costumes for Everyone

You don’t need to be part of a samba school in order to enjoy the privilege of wearing a carnival costume. You can be just as content being a spectator and join the thousands of cariocas who enjoy the carnival to the fullest with elaborate costumes of their own. Feel free to wear your costume at one of the many street parties that take place during the Carnival. Throughout the festival locals and tourists will turn all sorts of items and accessories into funny or elegant costumes.

Whatever costumes you desire make sure you order them in advance. Plenty of work goes into the making of a costume which includes sequins, feathers, bows, colors, and very often, gems as well. 

If you want to parade with the Samba Schools at the main Sambadrome, Your costume is your ticket to the parade. You may buy your Costume For The Rio Carnival Celebration Right Here from November until a few weeks before carnival. Remember that Carnival Costumes for Rio parades are made to order. Have Fun!

Cheerful people parading in a samba school costume - Rio Carnival
Paraíso do Tuiuti - Gabriel Monteiro | Riotur

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