Have a Bookers Angel as your guide

Have a Bookers Angel as your guide

All the assistance and info you need to get to the Sambadrome

Rio is a bustling city teeming with joy during Carnival and the Sambadrome receives each day a crowd similar to that in the Maracanã Stadium for the Brazil 2014 World Cup Final. Such a complex event and the infrastructure of Marques de Sapucai Avenue may leave one a bit overwhelmed. That's when you can count on the Bookers Angels!

We offer this special service for newcomers or those insecure about getting there on their own. Our Angels can be found in all the sectors of the Sambadrome, all night long, in every parade day.

Let our Angels guide you

You will have full assistance to get in and go out of the Sambadrome. It's an exclusive service for ticket holders of even-sector
Grandstands – 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Do you want to go to the Sambadrome with our Bookers Angels?
Bookers offers a special service for those who purchase tickets for even-sector Grandstands. You leave from our Hospitality Desk in Copacabana and take the subway to and from the Sambadrome having an Angel by your side. Your only concern will be enjoying your time because all the rest is on us. One last detail: you get subway tickets for FREE.

How it works

Going to the Sambadrome

Watch our Angels in action