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Come to Celebrate Rio Carnival 2023

Rio Carnival 2023 Guide and Program

Experience the Magic! Come to Celebrate Rio Carnival 2023 with us. The festival is set to take place from 17 February to 25 February 2023 in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro. With all the excitement surrounding the city, the Sambadrome during Rio Carnival will play host to the biggest party on the planet!

Samba School Parade at the Sambadrome in Rio - Mangueira |
Fotógrafo - Marco Antonio Teixeira

On you’ll find everything you need to make the most out of your trip: from the legendary Rio Carnival Ball to the glorious Samba Parades, and Rio Carnival 2023 tickets. Explore your transportation options, learn all about the Sambadrome sectors and be ready to have the time of your life! On a night when you’re not at the unbeatable Sambadrome Parade, dance the night away at the legendary Rio Carnival Ball, the exclusive Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. You can buy your Magic Ball ticket right here!  

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Rio Carnival 2023 Sambadrome Parade Line-up:

February 19th (Sunday) February 20th (Monday)
10:00 PM Império SerranoP. do Tuiuti
11:15 PM Grande RioPortela
00:30 AM MocidadeVila Isabel
01:45 AM Unidos da TijucaImperatriz
03:00 AM SalgueiroBeija-Flor
04:15 AM MangueiraViradouro

A Spectacle not to be missed!

From the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema to the steamy Rio de Janeiro nightlife, the energy emanated by the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro is nothing short of electrifying. Even more exhilarating are the deliciously bronzed and toned samba dancers, the pulsating samba music, the frantic applause of the spectators, and of course, partying at Rio Carnival.

The festival is held every year in the week leading up to Lent and attracts visitors from all across the globe looking to let loose and explore the Carioca Carnival culture. It is inconceivable to think of Rio de Janeiro without thinking of Carnival. Anticipation builds and the excitement grows as the Carnival time gets closer and closer. The city glows with the smiles and energy of the locals — or Cariocas.

Samba music can be heard coming from neighborhoods and favelas all throughout the city and crowds gather to dance and make merry all day and night. It is the inherent spirit of the Cariocas and their true joie de vivre that makes Rio Carnival such a glorious success year after year. 

Samba Parade at Sambadrome - Salgueiro |
Fotógrafo - Alexandre Macieira

Samba Schools and the Sambadrome

The center of attraction is, of course, the Sambadrome in downtown Rio, where the Samba Parade has been held since 1984. As tourists begin to arrive, the city virtually comes to a halt for all four days leading up to Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. While the Sambadrome may be the focus of the Carnival, the focal point is undoubtedly the samba schools and their vivacious women samba dancers, who are a quintessential part of the Carnival.

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