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Sectors at Sambadrome

How Sambadrome stadium is organized

Sambadrome is the most exciting place to be in Rio during the Carnival and to get the very best of the extravaganza it is essential to choose a prime location. Due to the variety of seating arrangements available, the stadium is divided into sectors with even numbers on one side of the samba runway and odd numbers on the other. No matter which sector you choose to buy tickets, you are guaranteed to have a great time at the Samba Parade. 

Sambadromo Rio de Janeiro  

Every seat is a good seat to watch the big show. But some sectors offer a greater view. The new Rio Sambadromo can accommodate close to 90,000 people. With each passing year there is an increase in demand for Carnival tickets. It is divided into sectors which enables differential pricing. The prices are determined by the views each section has of the parade, better views costing more.

A Word About New Sambodromo Sectors

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is always getting bigger and better, every year you can expect something new and this coming year the Sambodromo, which has been going under some reconstruction, will be more modernized to better attend spectators. That means new sambodromo sectors and a face lift on the old sambodromo sectors. How exciting!

The Rio Sambodromo was expanded to accommodate more people and more floats, now an average of 90,000 people capacity. Four new concrete buildings were built, with new seats for al types: grandstands, open boxes or frisas, and the luxury suites, also known as camarotes. Other smaller buildings between the big grandstands blocks were built to host new comfortable luxury suites.

The New Sambodromo Sectors in Rio de Janeiro.

Sector 3, 5 and 7 Grandstands – Affordable seating with great views

These sectors offer great views of the Samba Parade, with sector 7 being the best because it is located in the middle of the parade. The carnival tickets are general admission type and the seats aren't numbered so you need to be an early bird to find the best possible seats, in the cement. Sectors 3 and 5 are priced lower, but the crowds get livelier. Tickets for sector 7 are usually higher but you get to see each school putting up their ultimate performance in order to attract the attention of the judges. These seats are undoubtedly a great way to enjoy the sights and sound of the Rio Carnival.

Sector 2, 4,6 and 8 Grandstands – Affordable seating with great views

Located direcly opposite Sectors 3, 5, 7 and 9, the Sectors 2, 4, 6 and 8 offer great views of the Samba Parade, with sector 6 being the best considered that's the area where most of the judges are seated. Just like the odd-numbered sectors across the street, the carnival tickets are general admission type and the seats aren't numbered so you need to be an early bird to find the best possible seats, in the cement. These seats are great and provide excellent views of the Rio Carnival parade. 

Sector 9 – The Tourist Section

Sector 9 tickets are assigned - as you can see at the picture above - so you get to hold your own space marked on the cement. Most tickets to Sector 9 are allocated to tourists as it offers a better service than the other sectors, with multi-language speaking guides around to help tourists from all over. Here you can expect great views of the samba strip and some room to stretch your legs during the breaks. The atmosphere tends to heat up much faster with the drummers' niche right next door. If you are looking for comfort and a great atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Sector 10 – Best for the Open Boxes

Formerly Sector 4, the face-lifted Sector 10 views are no longer limited. Offering affordable tickets at grandstands and bleachers, the sector 10 is very popular among native residents of Rio de Janeiro and small groups of locals and carnival lovers. Sector 10 carnival tickets are a very good choice for those aiming to watch the Samba School formed from beginning to end, from the heights, in the rainbow of colors with all its floats and wings. The frisas, or open boxes, are also the least expensive from the Rio Sambadrome.

Sector 11 – Best view of the drummers

Tickets for sector 11 are booked by big groups, including cruise lines who love this sambodromo sector. Opposite from Sector 10, the Sector 11 is located very close to the drummers' niche so be prepared to get into the groove much before anyone else. From this block, you get a nice view of the parade as the schools march towards the end of the samba runway.

Sector 12 – Choose the Cadeiras or Allocated Chairs

Sector 12 is the sambodromo sector located at the end of the runaway with one facing the other. Because tickets are assigned at a lower price, they are considered to offer the best value at the sambadrome. They are located at the very end of the samba parade, close to the Apotheosis. The chairs are organized in an open-air theatre with the long lines of chairs facing the parade. Allocated chairs are ideal for those who want to secure a chair without paying the open box seat prices.If you are looking to receive a good value for your money then these are good sambodromo sectors to consider.

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